Combine machine data with human knowledge
- fast & secure

Make your service and operations teams smarter, faster at resolving issues and achieve higher quality.

What is data without knowledge? 

Amplo’s smart maintenance platform connects industrial machines and allows you to monitor and manage your assets. The power of the solution comes from linking machine data with human knowledge to resolve issues faster.

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IOT Asset management

Manage all connected machines from a central point

No more excel spreadsheets and annoying VPN terminals - Only one location with all the information you need. 

Managing connected machines can be painful due to different connectivity information over multiple spreadsheets or the flood of automatic generated warning emails from your PLCs. We offer an alternative where you just have one interface to directly connect via secure VPN tunnels to your machine, adapt settings and receive error codes. Generate your work orders directly from here into your ERP, CMMS or CRM system.

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IOT Machine knowledge base

Give your data meaning and share the knowledge

The easy way to make expert knowledge accessible over multiple generations of employees.

The most valuable asset of your company is your institutional knowledge in the mind of your employees. Your field technicians and service engineers know the machines best and are central to smooth operations. With increasing turnover rate, expertise is hard to build and easy to lose. Our solution allows your organisation to capture and share this expert knowledge. Document machine behaviour and link this knowledge to machine data. Let the system understand the machine and support your service team with expert knowledge when they need it. 

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Root Cause assistant

Combine machine data with human knowledge to make RCA a lot faster

The more you know the better you can do a root cause analysis. Our root cause assistant takes written reports and machine data to advise you about possible root causes of an issue.

Collecting machine data alone is not enough. Visualising and analysing data is laborious and repetitive. Interpreting data is hard and requires deep expertise and training is often not available. Our tool uses machine learning to support service staff in root cause analysis. Most issues happen more than once, this will drastically speed up the root cause analysis process and make your machines more resilient. Let your team focus on things that matter most and let Amplo’s smart maintenance platform do the repetitive work.

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Faster root cause analysis for EV Chargers

Every malfunction in an EV charger leaves a specific trace in the data. Amplo’s smart maintenance platform was trained to recognize these data patterns by linking them to their corresponding failure. Now, Amplo’s smart maintenance platform can immediately pinpoint the root cause of a malfunctioning EV charger by recognizing specific failure data patterns. Thereby drastically reducing the time needed to diagnose a malfunctioning charger.

Faster root cause analysis for EV Chargers

Asset management for ventilation devices

TB Safety produces ventilated hazard suits and its ventilation device. To provide safe operation of the ventilation blower, the devices are monitored 24/7. Thanks to the platform, faulty devices can be easily investigated and replaced to guarantee continued operation.

Asset management for ventilation devices

The machine data based knowledge base

Issues with your machines are investigated and documented in written reports. These documents end up in file storage on a server and have no link to the corresponding data. This causes two problems. First, finding the correct information to diagnose similar or identical events is difficult since the content is not searchable, and the reports are usually stored in an unstructured manner. Secondly, an investigation starts with analysing machine data, which is time-consuming and requires experience. The Amplo smart maintenance platform solves these two problems by linking the events with corresponding data and making it searchable resulting in much faster root cause analysis.

The machine data based knowledge base



Immediate value

Easily manage data and alerts of your machine fleet


Reduce downtime

Faster and more precise root cause analysis with AI


Enable data driven remote support

Avoid unnecessary travel and communication back & forth


Capture expert knowledge

Document specific machine knowledge to scale your service team with a single platform

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