Driving service teams
towards data-driven decision making
with no code AI

Industrial companies are losing money because they are not able to fix their assets fast. Amplo allows one to easily get all the insights to service machines in a smarter way without any prior knowledge in coding or AI.

We can deal with any type of machine. For the past two years, we have worked closely with strong customers to develop a no-code machine learning platform to solve their challenges.

The result for customers is that Amplo is scalable over all assets and the insights immediately become mission-critical. 


Automated Machine Diagnostics for EV Chargers

Automated Machine Diagnostics accurately predicts which part of your charger needs to be replaced based on a simple snapshot of its sensor data. When you receive a new service ticket, the snap shot is sent to our platform. Within seconds your service engineers know which work order to send out!

Amplo is easy to integrate to your CRM and allows you to identify which component needs replacement within seconds.

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Why Amplo?


Using Existing Data

No need for additional sensors. Amplo seamlessly integrates into your existing data infrastructure and workflow!

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