Finally. An easy way to make use of your collected machine data.

Amplo's platform makes it super easy for your service engineers to turn sensor data into machine learning services. Don't know how to get started with AI? No problem! All you have to do is upload your data and leave the rest to us.

What happens behind the scene

Our platform makes exceptional predictions and covers the full lifecycle of machine learning development. Whether it comes to data cleaning, log synchronization, training and optimizing models or deploying them in a user friendly way, our platforms takes care of it. Not only this, but every step along the way is optimized for service teams. The machine learning services you can develop cover all your daily maintenance chores.

1. Upload Machine Data

Collect data logs of your machines with an issue that causes a lot of downtime or time to diagnose and upload it on our platform.

2. Build Service

With one click, you start our AutoML pipeline which designs a customized, high-performance AI model.

3. Integrate and Evolve

You can integrate the models directly into your workflow and boost your performance.


Worried that you don't have enough data?

Our unique ML pipeline is designed to work with few faulty logs and a small total dataset size. If you have collected about 20 faulty logs, we strongly recommend you train a model on our platform.