Making service teams 80% more efficient by leveraging ML to automate their machine operations and maintenance.

Our Story

Amplo was founded in June '20 with the mission to make AI accessible. In-house projects fail to deliver and external IT experts are too expenisve, leaving you little with few options. It is our mission to fill this gap, bringing machine learning for automated diagnostics, predictive maintenance or many other data driven insights to all machine manufacturers in an easy and accessible way.

A lot has happened since last year. During our first year of Amplo, we tested and validated many aspects of our service with three initial customers. Though we're still expanding on these projects, they're already making huge steps with our machine learning.
In December '20, we moved into Zurich's biggest startup accelerator, Bluelion. We're looking forward to further expand the team and provide machine learning to more and more manufacturers.

Meet the Team

Amplo was founded by Niels Uitterdijk, Oliver Keel and Tanja Koch.


Oliver Keel

I'm passionate tinkerer, engineer and problem solver. When I grew up, I was fascinated by my father building up his own company. The challenge of solving a customers problem by designing a product which you then can sell is not something you learn at school. After receiving an BSc. at ETH Zürich and a MSc. from the TU Delft, I want to challenge myself as CEO of Amplo to deliever a fantastic product to the clients of Amplo. 


Niels Uitterdijk

I'm a systems engineer, passionate to make ML accessible through easy user interfaces and structured AI development methodologies.
When done right, Machine Learning can drive so much value, can help with so many dull repetitive tasks. Yet the development is tricky, and data management is almost never straightforward.


Tanja Koch

I'm a mechanical engineer dedicated to building bridges between product, R&D and B2B customer success. I'm dedicated to B2B growth by triggering human emotions, keeping high standards as well as educating customers. I value human interactions and open communication culture as well as analytical and strategic thinking.