The autopilot for root cause analysis

A snapshot of your machine data contains enough information to determine the cause of a failure or malfunction. Automate the analysis and save valuable time!

Current challenge

Service teams spend considerable time diagnosing machine failures and malfunctions. On-site inspections and machine data analysis are laborious and repetitive. Furthermore, the quality of the diagnosis is highly dependent on the experience, working condition and other influencing factors such as the time of day and workload.

Step 1: Machine Data

Each component failure or malfunction leaves a distinct trace in your machine data. A trained human eye can recognize these signals and identify the root cause of the malfunction. However, this process is particularly time consuming, requires a perfect knowledge of the logfiles specificities and the machine behaviour.

Step 2: Automate Diagnostics

Amplo’s automated diagnostics platform allows for an instant and fully automated analysis of the machine data in case of a failure or malfunction. It instantly recognizes the suspicious patterns in the data and pinpoints the exact cause of the failure. Amplo is an intelligent platform. Service engineers can train the system to recognize new failures or better pinpoint existing ones with just a few clicks and no previous expertise. This allows service teams to be much more efficient in the resolution of breakdowns and malfunctions.

How is it done with Amplo

The process to train an AI model with Amplo is simple. Follow these steps to automate your machine diagnostics
Step Nr. 1

Collect 10-20 log files which contain the traces of a specific malfunction or failure.

Step Nr. 2

Upload log files from normal machine operations, we call it healthy data.

Step Nr. 3

Initiate a training process, now your data will be used to train an AI model

Step Nr. 4

Validate the model in our diagnostics interface. Here you can upload a new log file and see if the predictions are correct moreover you have the chance to verify if the AI checks the right sensor data

Step Nr. 5

As soon as your happy with the performance you can seamlessly integrate the service with APIs into your ERP or Ticketing system