No-code AI company Amplo raises first round with high-profile business angels to disrupt machine operations

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Neils Uitterdijk
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Zurich, Switzerland, January 17th, 2022 - A swiss-based startup that automates companies machine operations announces that they closed their first investment with high-profile business angels including Manuel Grenacher (Co-Founder Unique, Founder & Board Member Coresystems), Flavio Pfaffhauser (Co-Founder, Beekeeper) and part of the founding team of Yokoy.

Amplo, a Swiss SaaS startup that uses machine learning to understand customers' machines and production lines has won first customers like Tritium, one of the biggest manufacturers of advanced and reliable DC fast chargers for electric vehicles. Using Amplo they significantly reduce Downtime of their chargers, which leads to a superior charging experience for their customers.

With Amplo a midsize company could easily save $1 million a year, while getting more satisfied employees, customers and easy-to-understand insights over all machines.  

With this first investment, Amplo can grow their business in Europe. The funding will also be used to further enhance the technologies underpinning the platform to stay at the cutting-edge of its AI, automation and security systems.

There is a big need for Amplo’s solution according to the serial entrepreneur and industry expert Manuel Grenacher: “Industrial companies are losing money because they are not able to fix their assets fast. Amplo allows one to easily get all the insights to service machines in a smarter way without any prior knowledge in coding or AI.“

Amplo has an edge over other players; it can deal with any type of machine. Investor Flavio Pfaffhauser underlines this “For the past two years, Amplo has worked closely with strong customers to develop a no-code machine learning platform to solve their challenges. It is great to see first traction and the customer centricity in the founding team.” The result for customers is that the platform is scalable over all their assets and the insights immediately become mission-critical.

The founding team has a strong focus on closing the diversity gap in the industrial sector. One of the reasons why Isabelle Siegrist from Sandborn has invested in Amplo. “Amplo is not only working on cutting edge AI, they also have a great diverse talented team to disrupt the industrial sector with.”