Finally. An easy way to make use of your collected machine data.

Amplo's develops artificial intelligence to achieve zero unplanned downtime and fully automated machine diagnostics. We use your existing data infrastructure and therefore do require any additional sensors or hardware. You easily integrate our service into your existing data infrasctructure and ERP to empower your service engineers.

Automated machine diagnostics

Automated Machine Diagnosis for Tritium

Amplo's Automated Diagnostics drastically helped us scale our service team. We reduced both unplanned maintenance and time to diagnose to the minimum possible.

- Matthew Finn, Global Service Director Tritium

Automated Machine Diagnosis accurately predicts which part of your machine needs to be replaced based on a simple snapshot of its sensor data. When you receive a new service ticket, the snap shot is send to our service. Within seconds, your service engineers know which work order to send out!

Why Amplo?


Using Existing Data

Instead of installing new software and sensors, Amplo uses your existing data infrastructure. Nobody likes change, and therefore we require none, we only provide you with the
data-driven insights to help your decision making!