Save over 80% of your service engineers' time with
Automated Diagnostics Service

Digitize Diagnostics!

For centuries, service engineers used their precious time to diagnose a malfunctioning system by manually going through error codes or looking at sensor data. We offer an end to this repetitive work with our automated diagnostic service! 😄 

 • Save more than 80% of your diagnose time
 • Increased diagnose accuracy
 • Less stressful 

Three steps to make your life easier.

Step Nr. 1

Go to the Amplo ML developer platform for Service engineers and train with your existing data a machine learning model

Step Nr. 2

Directly test and validate the model performance on our platform. Adjust data settings to further improve your model. 

Step Nr. 3

Deploy the ML model and integrate it via APIs into your existing software infrastructure like ERP or ticketing system. 

It's simple but powerful!

Instead of going through the log files manually to figure out which components is malfunctioning, the ML Model trained with our ML pipeline will tell you within second what to fix. Freeing up time to organize the maintenance and fixing the machine faster. This will help your Service engineer to focus on continuous improvement of your machine.