Know when your machine needs maintenance

The dream of every service manager is to know when the machine requires maintenance. This gives him the opportunity to order spare parts in time, conducting maintenance safe and quick without having an oversized service infrastructure. We help you get there!

Your journey to predictive maintenance is as unique as your machines. Therefore, we support you in four simple steps to get there.


Discovery Workshop

Most often the gap between the current maintenance process and predictive maintenance is large. We help you to take a step back and take a picture of the Status Quo and estimate the potential savings. We do that by identifying the ageing components and calculating the internal and external cost of the current maintenance procedure.


Technical Study

Only knowing the potential savings doesn't offer the whole picture. During the technical study, the technical challenges are identified and the business case with its ROI is calculated. At this step, we also perform the first data-related analytics to verify the feasibility of the project.


Proof of Concept

This step is used to verify the technical study and lower the risk at a later full rollout over the fleet. The earlier that challenges can be detected, the lower the cost later on. The PoC is executed over a small fleet of machines and lets all stakeholders experience the added value of predictive maintenance with Amplo's Smart Maintenance Platform.


Rollout and Integration

A successful PoC gives the green light to roll out the new service scheme over the full fleet. This is a challenging task and Amplo fully supports you in that process step to make the adaption of predictive maintenance as smooth as possible. Important factors are the education of your service department and the technical integration into your IT System.