Smart Maintenance Platform

Amplo’s smart maintenance platform connects industrial machines and allows you to monitor and manage your assets remotely. The platform’s smartness comes from connecting the machine data to expert knowledge in a structured and centralised expert system to streamline your maintenance process, resolve inefficiencies and reduce machine downtime.

The platform combines oversight and insight of your machines in a single intuitive interface.

Machine overview

The machine overview allows you to supervise all your connected machines in one simple interface, at all times. Monitor your machines’ status and potential warnings or errors that have occurred, from anywhere. Moreover, our unique machine learning will notify you if known events have been recognized.

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Machine view

The machine view is an interactive page that allows you to visualise the selected data in real time. Errors and warnings are listed and integrated visually in the plot to see the underlying data at a glance. Here is where the magic happens and machine data comes together with human knowledge. Search for your specific event by selecting a time range and a set of signals. Then, add important event context in the form of what, why and how.

  • What: Defines the data pattern,
  • Why: Relates to the root cause and,
  • How: Suggests corrective actions for the event directly linked to your O&M manual. 

Every stored event will feed Amplo’s machine learning. When an event reoccurs, it will be automatically recognised. Overtime, all these events will compound to a structured and searchable knowledge base for your machines. 

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  • Connect the edge device to your machine’s control system with over 50 process automation protocols
  • Local data aggregation to avoid data loss due to connectivity issues
Edge Device
  • Reliable and secure operating system
  • OTA updates for continuous secure operation
Cloud/Data Lake
  • Automatically generated and well structured data lake
  • Guaranteed availability and security of data
  • Trusted cloud infrastructure with Microsoft Azure
  • E2E encrypted communication channels
  • Secure authorization certificates
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API Integrations

No tool can do it all, so we use standard APIs to make integrations easy. Work orders originating from errors, warnings or events can be created and sent to your CMMS or ERP system. Enrich events with information from your customer support system. Amplo’s smart maintenance platform provides the backbone to use a multitude of third party services in other areas such as monitoring OEE with business intelligence tools.

Fast, compatible and scalable.

  • Connect our plug&play edge device to the machine and the internet
  • See all your connected machines
  • Manage each machine and its log of errors, warnings and events in an intuitive interface.
  • Add context to an event
  • Get informed about erros, warnings or when Amplo’s AI recognizes an event